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YMasonProfileAfter going through my own personal health transformation, I have found great joy in helping people who are struggling with their weight, burdened with low energy or low metabolism, and/or fighting various health challenges take control of their lives through the use of clinically tested, all natural, plant based healthy supplements.

I thought that being an adult meant being tired all of the time. Now, I have more energy than I did 15 years ago. I have changed my own life and feel like I am aging backwards. I love helping others find this same freedom.

I’m also an elementary school librarian dedicated to helping each child find that one book that will flip the switch in his or her head to show how amazing reading can be, and then help them continue to grow as a reader! You can visit my children’s book review blog here:

5 Responses to About

  1. Maddy

    Quick question, does your card sketch books have the dimensions or measurements for the card sketches…thanks

  2. evelyn

    Uncovered two retired(?) colors, True Thyme and Vintage Violet; could you please tell me what current colors would be close to them?

  3. Patsy Ingram

    You look fabulous, Yapha! Looking forward to all the great projects for 2016.

  4. Carol Foster

    I am so excited to find someone who has cards for the Jewish Holidays,
    Thank you

  5. Lauriezlotnik

    I contacted you awhile ago looking for a retired filigree Star of David stamp and the Shalom stamp that I love. You suggested eBay, a FB site, etc. But to no avail. Although when I posted a request for them and offered $50, I did receive the Shalom Star of David! So, I’m still looking for the other one (the filigree star) and will pay $50 for it. Maybe you would be interested, or know of someone who would….being a demonstrator and all. I love your blog and your cards. And it was so kind of you to take the time to tell me about where to look.
    Thanks so much,

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