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Whale Watching for MDS Monday

Posted by on February 17, 2014

We had a great time whale watching out in the Channel Islands with my parents yesterday, even though most of us are sick with awful colds. We didn’t see much of the whales (just some spouts), but we saw a lot of other marine wildlife. It was a gorgeous day to be on the water. I wanted to do something fun with some of the pictures, so I turned to the MDS Monday sketches and found this great one.


Instead of creating the background with strips of different papers, I decided to use one of the ocean pictures that I took. I used a trick I learned last year from MDS Monday, which is to group the photo boxes together, and then drag a picture onto them. It fills all of the photo boxes with a continuous picture. It makes a fantastic background for this page, and is a great way to use scenic photos.

Whale Watching by Yapha Mason

Directions for how to do this in Photoshop CC 2014, although it will probably work for earlier versions as well:
(Courtesy of Julie Kennedy at Digital City Designs)

1.     Create a strip… just use the marquee tool and make a rectangle.
2.     Fill it with 50% gray. (Edit > Fill > 50% Gray)
3.     Add a border and drop shadow
4.     Copy strip over and over and place where you want them.
5.     Make these layers (strips) into a group.
6.     Put the photo you want to appear within the strips over the group and create a clipping mask.


One Response to Whale Watching for MDS Monday

  1. Julie

    Hi there! I love this effect. I can’t figure out how to inert the image into the “strips” in Photoshop. I grouped boxes, then put the image over them… and created a clipping mask. But that got rid of all the strokes and shadows and made one big weird looking picture. Can you explain in more detail how you did this? Thanks!