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April and May

Posted by on December 28, 2009

Today’s My Digital Studio tip — the undo command. I love it. Use it often, that’s my motto! Sometimes, when using My Digital Studio, it is easy to rotate when you mean to resize, or resize when you mean to move. If that happens — DO NOT PANIC! Just stop, go up to Edit at the top, and choose undo. Everything will go back as you had it. You can “undo” multiple steps, as long as you have not saved since doing them. Then, when you have it how you like it, save!

Moving on in the calendar, we have April and May.

April focuses on Passover, especially the frogs! I tried to make the background of the first page be reminiscent of matzah. What do you think, did it work?

May has both Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday, so I used those as the theme.

Feel like making your own calendar yet?

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