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Another Tree Goes Up!

Posted by on July 3, 2009

Every since I showed my mom the Definitely Decorative catalog with the beautiful Thoughts & Prayers Tree, she had been tossing around the idea of putting it up in the dining room. But it wasn’t until she saw the tree up on the wall in my library that she knew she had to get it! My mom custom designs Judaic needlepoint and has many beautiful pieces on her own walls. She decided that the tree would look beautiful in the dining room behind this piece:


But we didn’t want to just put the picture on top of the tree, so we decided to leave a blank spot on the wall where the picture would go, with the trunk below it and the branches above. This was easy to do, since the tree comes in six pieces. The first thing we did was to mark off the corners of the pictures with Post-It notes.


Then we removed the picture and began to put up the branches of the tree.


Eve was my handy dandy helper throughout!


Finally, we re-hung the picture.


When we were satisfied with where it was hung, we added the trunk below it.


Here is the end result.


Don’t you love it? My parents were so happy with how their dining room wall came out! And it took less than hour to put up! You can download the new Definitely Decorative brochure and see all of the amazing Decor Elements available.

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