Alice Nussbaum

Custom Judaic Designs in Needlework

Alice Nussbaum is a professional designer of Judaic needlework items. Her specialty is the artistic and creative use of meaningful Hebrew Calligraphy in a variety of styles with an effective use of color. The sources for her designs come from Torah, liturgy, and the meaning of Hebrew names.

Alice's Showcase

All orders are custom done. Each is a joint venture between Alice and the client. She designs for needlepoint (paint stitch-exact), embroidery, applique, and counted x-stitch. Once designed, the client executes the item. Alice does not stitch the item.

Temple Shalom Torah Covers

Torah Covers from Temple Shalom, Newton, MA

Alice also specializes in creating unique Judaic designs for personal as well as synagogue use. Jewish life events, such as bar or bat mitzvah, birth, and marriage are commemorated by her work. She is a member of the Pomegranate Guild of Judaic Needlework.

A native of Philadelphia, PA, Alice attended Gratz (Hebrew) College. She received a degree in Education from the University of Pennsylvania. Her needlework designs are a natural outgrowth of her art background and Judaic knowledge. In addition to her work as a designer, Alice is a Jewish Educator at Congregation Agudath Achim in Taunton, MA.

Alice explains her artistic philosophy:
To extol the Hebrew language and embellish it with correspondingly meaningful symbols and designs is my goal. Every new undertaking is a reaffirmation of my people, my heritage, my language. For here is a unique language where even single letters hold a wealth of rich meanings. These glorious letters become elements of fascinating designs - at once beautiful and profound.

A variety of items are available, including:

Custom charts are available for counted cross stitch

Pictures of Alice's Work

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